The company was established in 2009 with only 3 employees, Now working with more than 30 employees:-

  1. Medical department
  2. Non-Medical department


  • The company seeks for being one of the laddering companies in the Egyptian medical care shop.
  • keeping the high quality of service.
  • Offering variety by increasing the scale of our products to cover all the future needs.
  • The company usually develops the whole department including machines and tools
  • offers key giving service


The company doesn’t wait for the already advertised bids .

Prepaid working is a main part of our work.

Our marketing team makes a great effort to distribute the company all over the government and the technical engineers by the big relation net, acting like the eye of our company among all locations to know information and participating in studying the location and its future needs and putting the technical terms with consultants usually keeps us on the top.

The company also discusses what every client needs at time .

The company also offers consults in primary preparing steps and offers technical support in establishment steps.

Currently , the Egyptian government faces financial problems , so it takes a long time for projects to take decisions , but the company considers that and give clients consults and offers like , delayed payments , instalments and other offers.

When a new project or idea is established, the company make financial and feasibility studies which are the most important parts of our plan.