About Us

Vertisa was founded in 2009 with Central Office in the USA and Multiple Manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Romania. Vertisa USA’s central office responsible for the representation and after-sales services is located in Orlando, FL. USA. Vertisa established modern Medical Waste Sterilization Facilities in more than 60 locations in more than 30 countries.

Vertisa corporation is the most experienced group in Turkey in both waste treatment and the management of sterilization facilities. Our team collects an average of monthly 600 Tons of medical waste from all the health care facilities in 14 provinces and disposes of them in modern medical waste sterilization facilities operated by our company. Our corporation has doctors, engineers, and trained personnel who are inquisitive and environmentally conscious.

In 2018 Vertisa added a new branch of products that consists of fully prefabricated hospital and mobile field hospital systems. In this field, our team is developing new solutions for the healthcare sector throughout the globe.

Vertisa Corporation is a young and dynamic company formed by individuals with vast experience in Medical Waste sterilization, fully integrated prefabricated hospital systems, and mobile field hospital systems. Vertisa Corporation aims to become one of the preferred suppliers in the Medical Waste industry, fully integrated prefabricated hospital industry, and mobile field hospital industry.

Our target clients are Government Institutions as well as private groups. Our company develops complete sterilization-related and fully integrated prefabricated hospital-related and mobile field hospital-related solutions; for hospitals, laboratories, research centers, and medical industries in general. We are a full-service company providing prefabricating hospitals, mobile field hospitals, and medical waste sterilization systems for various sectors.

Vertisa Corporation is a global provider to the hospital sector, offering solutions for all hospital departments: sterilization centers, surgical areas, and Medical sterilization areas. We provide equipment adapted to the specific needs of laboratories, hospitals, and an industry that could only be developed by experts in their areas.